Abruzzo Ricami was founded in 2007 when, aged 34, I decided to make my dream come true. When I was a child, my grandmother would work with her embroidery machine. I was attracted by its noise and started to play with its pieces.It was love at first sight! From then on, my grandmother wouldn’t work without me sitting on her knees! When in 2007 I founded a picture of her working with that machine, I rushed up to the loft with my father to make it work again! Shortly after (I think it was a blessing from my grandmother), I met my wife, a lively, curious, life lover woman. Not only did she fall in love with me, but also with my embroidery machine. So today we are a golden trio:

Abruzzo Ricami chi siamo

My father, tireless worker and Abruzzo Ricami founder. He is the mind behind all our products and items, but he also lends a hand with cutting and finishing;

Abruzzo ricami chi siamo

This is me, Davide, desperately in love with my job, always looking for new ideas for products and items;

Abruzzo Ricami chi siamo

And this is Roberta, my wonderful wife in charge of our website and social media. Mother of our our three wonderful daughters, Abruzzo Ricami’s future.
Abruzzo Ricami believes in an open-minded, multi generational approach to build our future day by day. That’s how we have grown as a company and entered the market. Abruzzo Ricami combines tradition and elegance with our familiy’s positive energy. That’s why we launched an ecommerce presenting a range of products 100% handmade. These include: aprons, bread baskets, oven covers, bibs, household linen and hand-embroiderd children accessories. We offer nice prices and promotions on our produtcs, made with top quality fabrics, suiting even the hardest tastes.

Our web store

Having an online shop available 24/7 is vital for customers to reach us from all over the world with just one click. Shopping at Abruzzo Ricami has never been easier. Customers can choose the best 100% Italian items for their needs at the best price.

Abruzzo Ricami support their customers at every stage of their path into our e-commerce: we provide expertise, listening and understanding; thanks to our wide range of products, customers will always be able to find the product which best suits their life style.